May 26, 2014

A dime a dozen

Daniel in our first year of marriage.
I felt funny all over the first time I saw him. And he still remembers the patchwork skirt, tiny red T-shirt, and Converse sneakers I was wearing the first time he saw me. We met in March and I had a ring by July. I was 20 years old that summer, with a cute little diamond platinum solitaire on my hand and a cloud upon which I floated.

Now as we celebrate 12 years of marriage - a full dozen, a nice Old Testament number - I am an even bigger fan of Daniel Rupp than I was back then. Over the years he has earned, more and more, my delight (in his personality), my respect (of how he handles himself), my admiration (of the way he perseveres), and my gratitude (for having loved me and the kids so darn well).

Happy Anniversary, Baby. Love stories like ours don't come a dime a dozen.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Kayla and Daniel! We think about, pray about, and brag about your marriage all the time. Then, when the actual day rolls around we almost always miss the opportunity to congratulate you. Just know we have all of these images and more tucked into our hearts and we treasure them and both of you very much.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Happy anniversary, anniversary buddies!!! Yay for marriage and the strong and enduring love that binds us! Love you guys!

  3. Happy Anniversary to two of our favorite people! You guys rock marriage.

  4. Thanks Mom, Candace, and Rach. I am convinced that marriage cannot last without the love and support of friends and family. We love you!

  5. Happy Anniversary to two of my biggest inspirations!!!! Sending you all so much love!